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How important are gratuities to you

Would you like to make better gratuities, maybe even a lot better? As long as you have to be at work, don't you want to make as much money as possible during your shift? You bet you would, no matter what you may be thinking. Everyone in the restaurant industry would. And it really is easier than you think to make more money.

You may be thinking that you are already doing a good job. Well, maybe you are but this manual just might offer you new ideas in customer service you never thought of. And what you consider a good job might not be that good. Good service today (how you may have been trained) would be considered inadequate service 25 years ago.

Better service means better tips!
Better service also means better job security.
The extra money you make is really up to you.

The gratuities you earn equates to the services you
offer your customers.

You can see all the Individual Quality Service Training Package prices HERE.

Of course you will have to study some. But is making more money worth a little bit of your time? And just think, you may even enjoy your work more. The next time you go out to eat, the knowledge you have acquired from your training and studying will only enhance your own experience when dining out.

By becoming more knowledgeable about the products you sell; the food, the cocktails, the different liquors and wines, by offering your customers a better experience, you will not only become a better salesperson and make more money at your present restaurant, but you will become a more hirable individual for those restaurant positions where the tips are doubled from what you make now. Without training and knowledge, those positions are out of the question and out of your reach. And time is flying by!

Here is an outline of what is included in your training package:

  1. How Much You Offer Is How Much You Benefit
  2. Creating Quality Service
    1. First Impressions
    2. Creating Quality Service
    3. Greeting Your Customers
    4. Interacting Courteously With Your Customers
    5. Thank Your Customers For Their Patronage
    6. Attitude
    7. Listen To Your Customers
    8. Know Your Product
    9. Suggestive Sales
    10. Up Selling
    11. Ordering Sequence
    12. Food Service Order
    13. Be Aware Of Your Surroundings
    14. Sell Yourself – Attitude, Individuality, Ability
    15. Separate Checks
    16. In Conclusion
  3. Basic Server Do’s & Do Not’s
  4. Teamwork
  5. How The Server Can Incorporate Teamwork
  6. Being Organized

Your Individual Quality Service Training Manual will also include these additional training guides:

  1. Telephone Etiquette
  2. Taking A Reservation
  3. Wine Service
  4. Champagne Service
  5. Solving Customer Complaints

The Individual Server Package is only $75.00          Add to   Cart

The Individual Bartender Package is only $75.00    Add to   Cart   Also includes Bartender Mechanics

The Inddividual Cocktail Package is only $75.00      Add to    Cart

You can see all the Individual Quality Service Training Package prices HERE.


Can you afford not to make more money at this time?

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