What  is  quality  service  and what

does it mean to you?


Quality service is everything. It can generate rave reviews, build return business, increase daily revenueand commence a continuous flow of compliments. Quality service creates an atmosphere where each individual feels welcomed and appreciated.
Furthermore, everyone cares about service; your customers, guests, family and friends. Whether dining out, at a conference, a board meeting, or a wedding reception, everyone cares about service, it is an American way of life. And we all recognize the distinction between quality service and service that is indifferent to our needs, whether we acknowledge it at the time or not. 
When was the last time you received that WOW service? And I do not mean good service, as good service today would be considered poor service 25 years ago, I mean WOW! With 32 years in the Food & Beverage Industry, FOH, I have watched American service standards slowly deteriorate. 
However, quality service is achievable with any business. It comes from hard work; working pro-actively instead of re-actively. It comes from developing long term goals with short term results and it is offered by caring employees who are well trained and respected.
Quality service is important to EVERYONE, whether you are providing it or receiving it. By providing it, your customers and guests will enjoy a memorable experience they will be more then happy to enlighten others with. When you receive quality service, you are recognized as someone of importance who is cared about and appreciated, creating an experience which you will reminisce about in future times. 
Remember, as a customer service provider, you can never take back a customer's poor experience. You can bandage it up, but you can never take it back.
I congratulate you on your concern in wanting to create a quality experience for your customers and guests.




Every restaurant has the potential of becoming successful. But your frontline employees have to be trained in offering every customer a quality experience, no matter how small your venue.

The more training your employees receive, the better service they will offer, equating to more revenue, a healthier work environment and fewer headaches.

Every single employee in the front-of-house is a salesperson for your restaurant!

Every single successful salesperson is well trained and knows all about the products they sell.

But training doesn’t have to be expensive. The training package I have created is geared to keeping your training costs down.
There is a lot more competition out there than there used to be.

The good news is that there are a lot more potential customers enjoying a day or two in your wine country as well.

What are your potential customers looking for? They are looking for a nice wine to enjoy of course.

But just as important, they are looking to converse with positive knowledgeable employees who will educate them about wine (even on Saturdays).

They are looking to have fun. They are looking for a great experience.

How are you  going to develop that all important return business during the week days?

Want to make better gratuities, work with less stress and enjoy your job more?

Of course you do. Everyone in this industry does, and many tipped front line employees are doing just that!

Making more money really is simpler than you think, but better gratuities just don’t happen, you do have to work for them.

If you could make more money every shift, maybe even a lot more money, would that extra work be worth your time? You bet it would be, and there are NO excusses.

You have to work. Shouldn't you be making as much money as possible while you are there?


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