With a 32 year career in the Food and Beverage Industry, I have been able to travel and work throughout many parts
of the world. From the outback of Alice Springs, Australia to the posh resorts of Maui, Hawaii, to the
desserts of Scottsdale, Arizona, with resorts such as:

The Ritz Carlton
The Hyatt Regency and Spa
The Phoenician Resort
Sheraton Mirage Resort

After working with many different strategies for success and with a diverse workforce from around the world,
my philosophy is that there is only one fundamental element that exists with every successful business.


It is not a specific policy that I am speaking about. It is not a training technique or a distinctive mission
statement. It is a philosophy that is demonstrated every day towards customers and co-workers alike.
It is the foundation to every successful business and inherent with management and line workers alike.

It is a positive and caring attitude within the workforce.

I do not dismiss experience and knowledge, both have important roles in the success of any business, but my
observation has been that it is an individual's positive and caring attitude that brings about success.
Let me further define this attitude by describing it as:

"A genuine willingness to help others, customers and co-workers alike,
inspired by an empathetic heart with an effortless smile."

This kind of attitude is, in my belief, how a company prospers, not only by exceeding the customers' expectations,
but also by exceeding co-workers' expectations in a supportive and healthy work environment, and exceeding
the employer's expectations in productivity and profitability. It spawns confidence in the individual,
creates a team atmoshphere and transforms management into leadership.

To except mediocrity and not exceed expectations in all three arenas is
to begin a downward spiral into never-ending struggles and limitations.

This attitude towards others, exceeding expectations and being a team player is for me,
what work has been all about.

It has not always benefited me, this attitude, but it has always been worth my efforts.

Thank you very much for your time and best wishes in future endeavors.



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