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Tasting Room Training Package

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What will bring back your customers and their friends, ensuring future revenue? A wine they enjoyed, but more importantly, an experience they won't forget

You are going to work hard no matter what, work pro-actively through training, you will see your hard work flourish with increased sales as a result of suggestive and up-selling and return business.

You have a choice.

Restaurant Training Package

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Cocktail Servers
Bus Persons

Your Front of House employees are the only individuals that can create a quality experience for your customers.

This can only be accomplished through teamwork and with training.

How much training you offer will determine how much return business you will see in the future.

Remember, you are going to work hard no matter what.


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As a bartender, you have the potential to create such an atmosphere that your customers will offer more money then you thought possible, and return to offer you more money in the future.

All it takes is a positive outgoing attitude, good mechanics for when it is busy, teamwork and exceptional customer service skills, found in this manual.

More money is up to you.


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There is no limit to the amount of money you can make; suggestive and up-selling, a positive attitude and exceptional customer service skills will enhance your customers experience and enhance your gratuities.

But you have to be knowledgeable about the products you sell as well.

Better gratuities just don't happen.

Be the best salesperson you can be!


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How you treat and service your customers will determine how much money you will bring in.

If you have to be at work, why not make as much money as possible. You can stand at the bar talking with the bartender and not make any money or you can offer your customers a better experience and enjoy better gratuities.

Only you can decide to make more money.


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This position is as vital as any others, even more so as the Host/Hostess
is the first impression and the last one the customer will encounter.

When properly trained, the Host/Hostess can find and eliminate potential problems before they happen
and ensure waiting customers are properly taken
care of.

A well trained Host/Hostess can ensure your seated customers are being properly cared for as well.


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The busser is the number one go-to employee; they not only support the server, but support the dishwasher, bartender, host/hostess and manager.

, they
will not only accomplish their regular duties but will anticipate
areas of need before being
asked and contribute to customer care as well.

Or, they can stand around waiting to reset a table, proper training is everything.

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