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How important is return business to you?

Return business is future revenue, it is potential wine club members and it is how you will stay in business. Quality service offered today can create that business tomorrow.

My Tasting Room Quality Service Training Package will assist you in creating the quality environment your customers are looking for. In addition, the Package will assist you in keeping your tasting room and sales area clean and organized on a daily, weekly and monthly schedule.

Your Package is only $175.00
Equal to about 8 bottles of wine retail

Your wine is important but it is not everything. Everyone wants to be welcomed and appreciated. Your customers want a great experience where they not only had fun and enjoyed themselves, but they learned something as well. That will make your winery a return destination every time.

How many wineries are there in your area? If your customers received poor service from unknowledgeable, unfriendly and indifferent tasting room staff, you will most likely never see those individuals again, equating to lost future revenue. But what is more important, you will never see their friends as well.

Quality service is not difficult. Creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere is not difficult. Keeping your tasting room and sales area clean is not difficult.

By following the standards in this package, you will create an environment where customers will continually return to your winery, just for the experience alone. Your tasting room is just like any restaurant, it is the total experience the customer is looking for, not just good food. They could cook at home and they can buy wine at the store.

After you have purchased your Tasting Room Quality Service Training Package, you will be able to edit your manual to fit your own personal winery's needs. THIS IS NOT A BOOK. It is a Word Doc and after editing, you may make copies for each one of your employees!


Included in your Training Package:

  1. Application Quiz – if potential employees can’t be bothered to bring back this easy quiz with the correct answers, you don’t
    want them working for you. This eliminates uncaring staff at the very beginning.
  2. Requesting Days Off form – to make each employee responsible for his/her shift and the process of asking for days off simpler.
  3. Incident Report form – you can never be too careful today, with what someone will do in the future.
  4. An Awards List form – to keep an organized list of awards throughout the years and to remember which wines were awarded
    what at a glance.
  5. Your Individual Winery Tasting Room Training Manual with Test
    1. Winery Introduction
    2. Customer Service Standards
      1. When Customers Arrive
      2. Making A Sale –  Cash & Credit Card Handling. 
      3. As The Customers Depart
    3. Customer Service Etiquette
      1. Telephone Etiquette – every telephone caller is a potential sale.
    4. Work Standards
      1. Reporting To Work
      2. Training
      3. Schedules
    5. Basic Winery Rules and Regulations – edit to your own preferences
  6. Basic Wine Knowledge with Test – your employees have to know the basics when they start.
  7. Winery Facts with Test – here is where you fill in the information about your winery. How important is it for your employees to know about the winery they work at?
  8. Daily Tasting Room Duties – your tasting room should always appear clean and organized.
  9. Scheduled Cleaning Duties – cleaning duties to be performed all through the year.
  10. Plenty of tasting room ideas to enhance your tasting room experience!

How much are you spending on creating your dream? What percentage is $175.00 compared to your total costs and how much time do you have to develop a training program? Without training, your tasting room employees will be just like every other winery's; maybe a little better, maybe a little worse, but indistinguishable from all the others.


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